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Data Culture Matters: Episode Three

At Arktic Fox we are passionate about lifting knowledge within the industry – which is why we have launched a new video series called Data Culture Matters.

Recent research from our Marketing State of Play report found that 75% of marketing teams are looking to embed a data driven culture. However, with two thirds of leaders citing that data literacy within their teams is low – the task isn’t an easy one.

Over a series of episodes, we will explore how leading marketing and analytics professionals have successfully built and embedded data driven cultures within their teams and more importantly what they learnt along the way. 

Who’s today’s guest? 

On this week’s episode, Mitchell Mackey- Founder and General Manager of Marketing for Fauto Group. With so many years of experience in the industry under his belt, Mitchell is able to share his learnings from embedding data culture within big complex organisations like Mercedes Benz and Ansell.

Data Culture Matters with Mitchell Mackay

Key take outs from the interview

So, what did we learn from our sit down with Mitchell?

Mitchell explained just why he feels as though “the fuel and oil to push a modern marketing engine forward ultimately is- Data. Without data, it becomes difficult to segment your audiences, to manage identities across channels and to scale campaigns in a meaningful way.”

Building a data driven culture isn’t easy or linear, so we wanted to understand how Mitchell has addressed the challenge of doing so. He claims that, “We shouldn’t aim to tackle everything but rather set realistic goals and be pragmatic. Focus on perfecting small data first.” What are some examples of small data – he outlines aspects like how do we encourage our customer service, sales and marketing people to take some ownership or how to effectively manage contacts in a CRM system.

He went on to say that often there is an assumption that “bigger means better, when in reality, it’s about doing and leveraging data well that matters not the size of the asset.” He believes just because you have more data doesn’t mean you’ll be any better at utilising it’

After all his years of experience, Mitchell shared some of his tops tips to embed a Data driven culture. As followed, he stated that, “You shouldn’t let fear hold you back, rather build momentum, start small and demonstrate the value of what you’re trying to achieve.” Overall, he concluded that we should aim “to be a little less wrong every day.”

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Want to get involved? 

Led and embedded a data culture within marketing teams or at a broader organisation level and keen to share your insights with the market? Drop us a line at to discuss being involved in the series.


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