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a fox is born...

Arktic Fox was founded by Teresa Sperti, a commercial and digital leader, who has held senior positions with World Vision, Officeworks, Coles and, leading transformation, new channel adoption and growth initiatives.

Throughout her time leading transformation and growth efforts, she realised that whilst many organisations desire to evolve, they struggle to make the leap.


Being at the coalface and working through challenges across various industries, Teresa saw an opportunity.


She created an advisory, consulting and training company to partner with organisations, to embed new capabilities, drive sustainable growth and achieve business outcomes.

Teresa Sperti and Petra Sprekos

we create clarity amid chaos in digital.

We work alongside B2B & B2C businesses- solving challenging problems, taking advantage of opportunities, and defining a clear path towards change. 

Should you want support along your journey- we can provide that, too.

So, why Arktic Fox?

The Arctic Fox embodies transformation and change. 

In recent times, the Arctic Fox has faced increasing competition for food and has had to find new ways to survive. He also changes his physical appearance to adapt to his surrounds — his coat in winter is white and blue, and in summer brown and grey.

This incredible creature reflects who we are and what we do.

And so, Arktic Fox was born. 

path finders

 Every organisation's path is different.

We enable businesses to find new ways to solve problems or exploit opportunities - forging a unique path to grow, evolve or reinvent in the digital age.


In order to do things differently to remain relevant or grow, you need partners who are brave.

We are comfortable being a little uncomfortable. We are prepared to ask some challenging questions, then support you to tackle the problem. 


Objectivity matters to us.

We don't have a vested interest in decisions you make. If you want to in-house services or use a particular platform that best meets your needs - it's fine by us. We're here to help you make the right decisions for your strategy.  


We get a kick out of seeing organisations reinvent, grow or adapt. 

In fact, we have a real passion and determination for ensuring our clients have the best possible chance at success.

meet the team

Teresa Sperti

Teresa Sperti
Director / Founder

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Teresa is a customer and digital leader with over 20 years’ experience working for leading brands including Coles, Officeworks and World Vision amongst others.

Her core competencies include digital transformation, eCommerce, marketing leadership, data, MarTech and customer experience.

Teresa was named in the top 20 CMOs in Australia in 2018 which recognises Australia's most innovative and effective marketing leaders in the country.

Petra Sprekos

Petra Sprekos
Co-Director / Co-Founder

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A sales and marketing professional  with over 20 years experience in senior commercial and leadership roles across ASX listed companies as well as medium to small enterprises.  Petra holds extensive experience in digital pureplay marketplaces across real estate, automotive and employment.  Petra holds a Masters in Marketing and is a regular panelist on encouraging women back into the workforce and into leadership roles.​

Her core competencies include digital and media transformation and scale, workforce planning and transitions, strategy development and building commercial capability. 

Charlotte Ivey

Charlotte Ivey
Digital / eCommerce Researcher & Advisor

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Charlotte holds extensive experience in digital & eCommerce across retail and education sectors. She’s big on concise communication that resonates with audiences, and connecting brands with digital platforms that support growth. She holds a Diploma in Web Development.


Her core competencies include eCommerce, UX design, social media, brand development and front-end website design.

Drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.

We're helping B2C & B2B business teams both large and small - solving an array of digital challenges. If you're keen to chat then enquire below or contact us on 0418 101 577.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

~ Charles Darwin ~

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