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Data Culture Matters: Episode Two

At Arktic Fox we are passionate about lifting knowledge within the industry – which is why we have launched a new video series called Data Culture Matters.

Recent research from our Marketing State of Play report found that 75% of marketing teams are looking to embed a data driven culture. However with two thirds of leaders citing that data literacy within their teams is low – the task isn’t an easy one.

Throughout each episode, the series will explore how leading marketing and analytics professionals have successfully built and embedded data driven cultures within their teams and more importantly what they learnt along the way. 

Today’s guest? 

On this week’s episode, Laura Hague Head of Analytics, Insights and Personalisation of Tennis Australia joins us as she discusses her 20+ years of experience in the industry.

Laura has worked across an array of sectors including retail, sports and education. She possesses deep subject matter expertise in the Data, Analytics and Personalisation space and has drawn upon that across her career to build and embed a data driven approach within organisations.

Data Culture with Laura Hague

Key take-outs from the interview

So what did we learn from our sit down with Laura?

Building a data driven culture isn’t easy or linear, so we wanted to understand how Laura approaches and tackles this kind of task. She states that, “It’s really important to paint a picture of what success might look like by demonstrating to new clients and stakeholders what kind of value can be added. This can provide them with enthusiasm, as data can be quite a dry topic.” She also specifies the importance of “showing such value early on - especially if you’re just starting to embed a data driven culture.”

When discussing her past challenges and what she learnt from them, Laura shared an experience of when she tried to “embed a data driven culture and rushed the process without understanding the complexities and nature of that particular organisation.” She expressed that it taught her to realise “what makes sense for one business, doesn’t necessarily make sense for another, and to instead work out what they can actually achieve before painting them a picture.”

We explored with Laura just what she perceives to be the key success factors to embed a data driven culture and she felt there were 3 key ones;

  1. To utilise your analytics’ teams because they can distinguish exactly what data can be useful for you.”

  2. Formalise KPI’s in everyone’s annual reviews, to get people thinking about data and analytics within the role / area

  3. Build a strong relationship with your IT team, because even if you don’t need help in the short term, you definitely, will need it in the medium-long term stage.”

Missed episode one? You can find it here

Want to get involved? 

Led and embedded a data culture within marketing teams or at a broader organisation level and keen to share your insights with the market? Drop us a line at to discuss being involved in the series.


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