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retail media strategy & management 

a new way to effectively manage and maximise return from retail media

The retail media market is experiencing growth. By 2028, retail media spend is anticipated to eclipse TV spend (including CTV), reaching $176bn, equating to 15.4% of all spend globally. 

Traditional media agency management models, however, are failing to deliver on the needs of brands.

We believe that retail media should be integrated with broader eCommerce and instore strategy, rather than managed in isolation. We also believe effective management of retail media requires much more than understanding how to buy media. It requires an intimate understanding of your product portfolio including margins, stock and profitability to make better informed media decisions. 

For those managing retail media internally, we partner with in-house teams to augment decision making to build capability and drive performance as well as support brands with a management service for those seeking to outsource. 

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We are helping brands to answer questions like: 

  • Are we driving effective return from our retail media investment? 

  • How can we build or enhance our internal capability around retail media? 

  • What does good and effective retail media management look like and what are the steps for us to get there? 

  • How should we evolve our retail media measurement framework to make better and more informed optimisation decisions? 

  • What should our optimisation strategy look like, where should we focus our energy and attention to maximise return? 

  • Can you augment my team to bolster retail media capability and work with us on the ground to manage retail media? 

Our services

reset and evolve retail media strategy

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rebuild and evolve reporting frameworks 

assess performance and drive optimisation decisions

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define resourcing needs

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full service management of retail media


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