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better leveraging
marTech & salesTech

enabling strategy through effective use of marTech, salesTech & data

marTech and investment in customer data is growing exponentially to fuel growth, create new income streams and drive better experience for customers.


But for many, effectively embedding marTech and operationalising customer data strategy can prove much more challenging than anticipated.

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We are helping clients to answer key questions, including: 

  • Where should we start and how can we harness the potential of our customer data?

  • How can we leverage personalisation across the customer journey to better engage our audiences and drive growth?

  • How can we build and leverage a robust 1st party data strategy

  • How do we need to adapt in the face of 3rd party cookie deprecation

  • How can we build a clear marTech strategy that enables delivery of our experience strategy?

  • What skill gaps exist within our department that could be limiting our ability to effectively leverage marTech or customer data?

  • How can we build and embed a data driven culture?

Our services

marTech strategy & platform evaluation (RFPs)

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marTech & data skills and talent assessment


personalisation and lifecycle strategy


customer and 1st party data strategy

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embedding a data driven culture

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Drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.

We're helping leaders and their teams in both large and smaller businesses to solve an array of digital and marketing challenges.  If you are keen to have a chat then enquire below or contact us on 0418 101 577.

what our clients say

“Arktic Fox led a review and development of our eCommerce marketing strategy as part of our business growth strategy. Their knowledge and understanding of our business and the eCommerce space enabled them to zero in on the core strategic challenges and identify a clear path to shift our marketing approach to drive substantial sustainable and profitable growth.”  

Head of Digital, Leading Retailer

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