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28, 29 & 30 May | 2024


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B2B digiSalesFEST APAC '24

B2B sales in the digital age 

A premier thought leadership event...

For B2B commercial leaders, sales and marketing professionals.

3 topics over 3 one hour sessions, packed full of insights, learnings and best practice to better engage and convert buyers digitally.


It's fully virtual allowing you to login to sessions, get your fix and then get back to the job at hand. After all, you are responsible for generating revenue for your organisation...

28, 29 & 30, May 2024 (3 days, 1 hour per day)

12 – 1pm AEST


Online via Zoom (live)

GROUP: $290 +gst (min 5 ppl)


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B2B is changing...

By 2025 75% of the global and Australian workforce will be millennials. Given they are responsible for 73% of buying decisions, this fundamentally challenges the way we sell and engage in the B2B market.  


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28 may '24  |  1 2 - 1pm


>> The B2B buyer
is changing.
Are you ready?

67% of B2B buyers now start their purchase journeys online.

Join us as we explore the latest B2B buyer trends and insights and where the market is headed over the next 3 - 5 years.

We'll also unpack how brands are  adapting internally to better serve the  changing buyer to win in the digital age.


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29 may '24  |  12 - 1pm

>> Powering growth with a digitally immersive selling experience.

 Buyers now prefer a non-rep experience.


In this session we take a closer look at best in class demand generation, experience delivery and digital engagement strategies and how brands are collaborating to maximise revenue and experience outcomes.


We also unpack the role of data to underpin experience delivery and personalisation to meet buyer expectations.  

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30 may '24  |  12 - 1pm

>> The ever evolving salesTech & marTech stack.

49% of sellers are currently overwhelmed by the number of technologies required to do their job.


We will unpack the latest trends in the salesTech and marTech space, looking at how brands have successfully implemented and embedded their stack to drive internal adoption, accelerate revenue generation and underpin experience delivery.

We'll also dig into the hot topic of AI and how this is changing the tech landscape.


essential B2B digital sales topics


top industry leaders




Featuring sales industry leaders from some of Australia's top brands...

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67% of B2B buyers now start their purchase journeys online.

Only a handful of APAC events focused on the B2B digital market.


Tickets to this event are selling fast. So get in quick and secure your spot for the series.  

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