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Data Culture Matters: Episode Four

At Arktic Fox we are passionate about lifting knowledge within the industry – which is why we have launched a new video series called Data Culture Matters.

Recent research from our Marketing State of Play report found that 75% of marketing teams are looking to embed a data driven culture. However, with two thirds of leaders citing that data literacy within their teams is low – the task isn’t an easy one.

Over a series of episodes, we will explore how leading marketing and analytics professionals have successfully built and embedded data driven cultures within their teams and more importantly what they learnt along the way. 

Who’s today’s guest? Movember’s Global Director - Digital & Direct Channels- Troy Muir joins us, on this week’s episode. With over 15 years’ experience in the digital & data space, we sat down to discuss all he has learnt about embedding a data driven approach from his time working with bluechip brands including GE Money, Telstra, Flybuys and more recently the Heart Foundation.

Key take outs from the interview

So, what did we learn from our catch up with Troy?

Given that personalisation and data utilisation maturity isn’t as progressed as the industry would have us believe, Troy to share his thoughts on why he thinks this is the case. Troy explains that 'we’ve relied too heavily on the tools as the solution to do it for us. Rather being able to leverage data starts with the fundamentals- having basic knowledge, knowing your way around a spreadsheet and being able to analyse and interpret raw data.’

One of the most common challenges many marketers still face is getting access to the data in the first place. In a number of organisations, IT is the custodian of data and their focus is to mitigate risk. This inhibits their ability to make decisions and build the types of experiences that customers expect. We asked Troy to share how he has overcome this challenge in his career. Troy shared the need to ‘partner up with your technology team to ensure that the teams (marketing & tech) are aligned and understand what you’re attempting to do and achieve to enable data democratisation.’

Troy also shared some useful insight on how he thinks about building analytics functions and capability within organisations. In the past Troy has attempted to build capability by centralising analytics into one function that services the business. His belief is that this approach reinforces and embeds siloes and defers responsibility of data and analytics to one division which works against embedding a data driven culture. Instead he advocates for the creation of a Centre of Excellence of sorts which brings together specialists to share and establish best practice, but who also then work back into their respective functions to disseminate information and knowledge through the organisation. He believes it is this approach that really accelerates data utilisation and uptake in the business. Definitely some sage advice.

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