advisory services. 

partnering with marketing and digital leaders to transform organisations and drive growth. 

our approach

At Arktic Fox we partner with Customer and Marketing leaders to help re-invent organisations and create new sources of growth in this era of rapid change. And we like to think the way we do it is just a little bit different.  

We're not a consultancy or an agency — we're an advisory and training organisation. We are here to help you solve some of your most challenging marketing & customer problems. And we do this by working with you to build capability and embed change to ensure your investment and efforts in growth or transformation endeavours deliver tangible outcomes. Digital is in our veins and is a core part of who we are but it doesn't blind us — we focus on finding the best way to solve problems.

Whether you are looking to build in-house capability, implement new Marketing Tech or other critical decisions —we have no vested interest in the final outcome. This allows us to provide independent opinions and advice based on the best and most viable solution for your organisation.

our services


Disruption, changing consumer expectations and flattening growth are common challenges organisations face BUT how they choose to respond should be different. 

We help organisations find their unique path in the digital age.  We help organisations to:

  • Develop or enhance customer / marketing transformation vision, strategy and roadmap

  • Define growth strategy, vision and  approach

  • Develop CX and marketing technology strategy and approach

  • Conceptualise product and service offerings to create new customer value

  • Identify opportunities to optimise operations and streamline processes to reinvest 


enablement & capability development.

Often, transformation and growth efforts are hampered by an inability to execute. We call it the "HOW", and we place a lot of importance on it. 

We aim to ensure you drive sustainable change and growth within your business. That means you need the right skills, technology and ways of working in place. We will help you identify how and where to invest to enable the strategy, and where to build internal capability.  Some of the ways we can help;

  • Reviewing and re-design of marketing, digital or wider organisational structure 

  • Assessing and auditing current state capabilities (digital or holistic) 

  • Advise & recommend approach to effectively select, review and prioritise MarTech initiatives 

  • Building & developing capability in-house to drive agility and efficiencies

  • Embedding new ways of working to improve collaboration and speed to market

change and leadership.

Embedding change can often be the toughest part, so we like to think of ourselves as a coach for you and your organisation. 


Navigating the change, knowing when to pivot and demonstrating strong leadership in times of ambiguity can be new to leaders who haven't led through significant change initiatives.   


We can help create a change plan and stick around to coach you through the journey via regular check-ins and discussions, ensuring your organisation can achieve the desired outcomes. 

“In today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility. Nothing else is sustainable, everything else you create, somebody else will replicate.”

Jeff Bezos, Amazon